Below you can see some of the other elements and sites which I find inspiring in my notebook:

My favourite paints are a selection of Daniel Smith watercolours, Schminkce, Winsor & Newton, Holbein and Old Holland. Tubes or pans it matters not, however I do love my enamelled pans and the colours laid out are most pleasing.

For brushes I like Raphael 8408 sable rounds, Billy Showell’s brushes – especially her new synthetic rounds painted in glossy green. Fine points, ideally sable rounds are the order of the day in my view, but I also like other forms of brush depending on the work at hand.

For papers used Fabriano artisitico for many years. I am lucky to have quite a stock of old papers. I also love the old Moulin du Roy heavyweight – alas discontinued and am currently enjoying new making of Fabriano Artistico and Saunders Waterford heavyweight made at a lovely old mill near to me in Somerset.

I also use handmade papers of various types and enjoy receiving occasional parcels from the Vintage Paper Company in Orkney.

For vellum the skins carefully chosen and respectfully and lovingly supplied by Paul at cannot be surpassed. It is a pleasure to take completed work to show him and to select new skins personally.

My favourite supplier is for a huge range of competitively priced art materials

Cambridge Contemporary Art, based in Cambridge on King’s Parade and almost opposite King’s college - this lovely gallery is a fresh open space showcasing some of the UK’s finest contemporary artists, printmakers and artisans. Everything here is carefully curated by Nathalie Staples and her talented team, whom I am honoured to call friends and colleagues as we collaborate on the next show. to see the design work of Rosy Naylor, who is just brilliant at representing the work of artists via bespoke web sites. I have worked with Rosy for the past 15 years; a practising artist herself she completely understands what a website needs to deliver for an artist. to meet Gary and Bob who, prior to my move west did all my scanning and produced giclee prints. Their aim is to see if I can tell the difference between my painting and the print, they use high quality acid free papers and archival inks.

Other inspiring artists is an artist and illustrator working and living in Devon, a master of breathtaking watercolours. Rosie is a truly gifted artist and I feel very lucky to have creative time with her on several occasions. is the website of Helga Hislop. I am lucky that Helga has been my friend and mentor now for nearly 20 years. Her exquisitely simple work captures every detail yet remains clear and alive; I am the lucky owner of quite a few of her pieces on vellum. is the site of my lovely friend and SBA colleague Billy. For six years we served on SBA Council together and for 3½ of those we were the Presidents; comrades in arms.