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Gael in her studio Gael in her studio Gael in her studio Gael in her studio Gael in her studio Gael in her studio Gael in her studio
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I draw and paint in a studio in the grounds of my home. From here I can watch the wildlife and changing seasons. The plants and trees within the garden and in the surrounding lanes and hedgerows provide inspiration and very often the subject matter for my work. For me there is nothing better than having the excuse to wander the garden or local lanes and hedgerows in search of some gorgeous plant material which just has to be painted.

As well as extensive storage and exhibition studio space I also have a smaller studio where I do most of my work. This is an old converted timber framed stable. Clad in rough sawn timber and looking out across the fields to a huge landmark oak in the distance it is a calm and tranquil space in which to work. Heated by a basic wood burner and containing lovely old storage units where I can keep some of the material I use and which inspires me. From my antique butterfly collection to old snail shells, crab claws, pieces of lichen, rabbit skulls, fossils and pine cones, my collections of found ephemeral natural history objects is still growing.

The garden surrounding the house and studio provides much of the subject matter for my work. Using the existing garden framework developed in the 1930s, as well as very mature and possibly ancient trees we have supplemented the existing flora with other plants that are a delight to have and to paint. What better way can there be to extend the idea of the ‘studio’ by making the garden part of the painting experience? Every new plant is allowed admission to the garden on the basis that it is of course painting subject matter.

Please contact me on 01763 289 235 for commissions, or email me