Texture, colour and form are woven through everything I create or make.

Four words seem to sum up my entire being:

An inveterate collector

An inveterate collector, I collect views, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, hopes, colours, textures and ephemera.  I love care worn items which have had a life and which deserve to be treasured and embraced, reminding us of the transient nature of life.  These items remind of past traditions, skills and values, which still resonate with me.  

Old keys, cotton reels, feathers, shells, dried roses, leaves, twigs and various collectable objects feature in my work. These are collated into pleasing assemblies and painted, often onto vellum, one of the oldest painting surfaces.

I gather old textiles, patchwork, tapestries and sewing tools, small vintage objects, antique and vintage shop treasures and curate my collections into displays and onto shelving so that I can benefit each day from observing their beauty.

The creating is constant; in my head, with my hands, whether with pen, brush or needle. I love to create using traditional methods, but often with contemporary elements.  It was this approach that the BBC was interested in capturing when they featured me painting on vellum on an episode of Country File a few years ago.  Another BBC programme featured the tradition of botanical illustration and art and its long history.
My work, home and garden have been featured in Country Living magazine, Country Homes and Interiors, The English Garden magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine, as well as various art and illustration publications.


Today, driving the lanes and walking the tracks around this rugged and often wild part of South West England, trees and hedgerows form particular inspirations.

You can also see here some of the images of the local landscape and other inspirations which for me form a type of meditation and solace in a busy and ever connected world.

Artist Notebook

See some of Gael’s notes about the equipment she use’s and her sources of materials:

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